DASH 851, DASH 852 | Somerset Transit

Serving New Brunswick, Franklin and Bound Brook.

Monday through Friday

Runs From: M-F: 7am-6pm

“DASH stands for Davidson Ave Shuttle. That’s mainly what I do, shuttle workers from the Davidson Ave sprawl to Bound Brook and New Brunswick. But you can also ride the whole way. Just don’t expect a direct route. I have two alter egos, 851 and 852. Just ignore that. There’s no difference. Not to say I always make the same run. I often don’t stop at all the time points, so check the schedule. Meet me on the Northwest corner of George & Albany. My number is 908-231-7151.”


🚲 Most Vehicles Not Bike Equipped | 📡 No Live Tracking

📢BAD INFO ALERT📢 Checked 6/29/2022

On the schedule, northbound buses are shown doing a counter-clockwise loop to access the Doubletree Hotel (time points 20, 10, then 11). Drivers instead make a U, same as the southbound, because it’s faster. The real order is 20, 11, then 10. Fixing it would require A, caring and B, communicating with employees. So don’t hold your breath.

📢BAD INFO ALERT📢 Checked 6/29/2022

On Google Maps, the New Brunswick departure stop on George St & Albany St isn’t displayed. But don’t worry, it’s still there.

This is a flag-down route, meaning drivers are authorized to pull over at any safe location. Few stops are marked, and the ones that are have NJ Transit signs. That’s some false advertising if I ever saw it. On the schedule, it says they offer one deviation per run. In practice, they will probably only give you the deviation if you are elderly or disabled and in order to get a deviation, you may have to fill out this form.

The fare is a flat fare of $2 exact change. However, if you don’t want to remember bills every time, you can buy a bunch of tickets from the driver all at once, though exact change is still required. (So a $5 bill means getting two tickets and making a one dollar donation.) You can also call Somerset Transit and get tickets that way. The tickets are just blue or green squares of construction paper that look like they were made on a home printer.

Same for the transfer tickets, which are red construction paper. They can be purchase on board for $0.50.

$2 Flat Rate

$0.50 Transfer

🚨App Data Accuracy🚨: Somerset Transit is a top offender. | Do not plan trips using Google Maps.