100, 500, 600 | Coach USA (Operator: Suburban Transit)

Serving Princeton, New Brunswick and Manhattan.

7 Days a Week

Runs From: M-F: 6am-10pm | Weekend: 8am-10pm

“I run from Palmer Square to Manhattan, all week. And during peak hours, I make a few special runs to Wall St and the UN, offering you the one seat ride the train never could. Also unlike the train, you can flag me down anywhere from Princeton to New Brunswick. Want the inside track on disruptions and service changes? Get on my top secret email list. Buy your tickets online, on the app or at Kenny’s Cafe and meet me on Albany St, outside the train station. My number is 866-912-6224.”


🚲 No Bikes | 📡 Live Tracking | 📱 Mobile Tickets

📢BAD INFO ALERT📢 Checked 12/7/2022

This local fare table pdf for the 100 (listed on Coach USA’s website) is from 2016 and very out of date. https://web.coachusa.com/CoachUsaAssets/files/99/localfares.pdf

This is a flag-down route, meaning drivers are authorized to pull over at any safe location. But many stops are still marked. Stops are requested with the red buttons above the seats. There is live tracking, but you can only access it by downloading a separate app called “Track Coach USA”. But don’t bother, because it doesn’t work and possibly never has. But if you do get it to work, you might need this guide.

Tickets can be purchased by credit card on the “Coach USA” app (not the tracking one), or in cash at Kenny’s Cafe (Kirkpatrick and Albany, open Mon-Sat). Here’s a list of other locations where you can buy tickets for Coach USA’s Suburban Transit routes. But keep in mind, locations away from the 100, 500, 600 corridor may only have tickets for other routes. You can also pay in exact change on the bus. The fare structure is complicated, but just say where you’re going, and they’ll help you out.

New Brunswick(48) to NYC | $13.40

Click here for fares between other zones and NYC.

Local Fares (by zones traveled):
1 | $3.45
2 | $3.70
3 | $3.85
4 | $3.95
5 | $4.00

+$0.05 per additional zone traveled

⚠️App Data Accuracy⚠️: Suburban Transit is a low level offender. | Schedules displayed on Google are accurate, however stop markers are placed at intervals of approximately 3 miles, despite it being a flag-down route. Use Google Maps only as a schedule viewer, not a trip planner.