Serving New Brunswick, N Brunswick, S Brunswick and Jamesburg.

Monday through Friday

Runs From: M-F: 7am-3pm

“On weekdays only, I journey down rt-130, deep through the sprawl of South Brunswick to the quaint town of Jamesburg, NJ. It’s only $1 the whole way. Call me the day before, and I’ll deviate out of my way for you. But you should know, I have an early bedtime of 3:00 pm. Meet me on Somerset St, in front of the St. Peter’s parking lot. My number is 800-221-3520.”


🚲 Most Vehicles Not Bike Equipped | 📡 No Live Tracking | 💸 Exact Change Only | ↩️ Deviation Available (call 1 day before traveling)

📢BAD INFO ALERT📢 Checked 9/21/2022

MCAT has the pre-pandemic schedule on Google Maps, showing hourly service. In reality, on the timetable (above), every trip with black over it is cancelled. Buses now depart from NB on the even hours only and depart Jamesburg/Cranbury odd hours only for the foreseeable future.

This is a flag-down route, meaning drivers are authorized to pull over at any safe location. Few stops are marked, and the ones with signs usually say 8A, the bus’s former name from the aughts. MCAT allows only 2 deviations per run, so request them in advance only if you need it. One last thing. You’ll see a note on the schedule about a special “Stop & Shop” deviation, so named for the now defunct Dayton Stop & Shop at Summerfield Center. For this one deviation, you can tell the driver to drop you off on the way down, and pick you up on the way up. If a rookie driver says “You need to call ahead.”, show them the schedule.

The only way to pay is with a crisp George Washington. There are no tickets. There are no transfers. (The two remaining MCAT routes don’t touch, so the point is moot anyway.)

$1 Flat Rate

🚨App Data Accuracy🚨: MCAT is a top offender. | Do not plan trips using Google Maps.